Different Industries Have a Need For Chemical Drying Services

The pharmaceutical industry, paint industry and even the food industry have a need for chemical drying services because many of their products are based on the ability to work with dry powders. Often, the drying process for certain Vietchem chemicals changes the composition of them, creating a medium to work with in product development and research.

While there are many processes used in drying chemicals such as freeze drying and spray drying, heat and vacuum technology are effective as well. In fact, most applications work well with vacuum and heat. Should you require the services of a company that offers the drying of chemicals, ask about their equipment, technology and overall success in final moisture present after the drying process.

You need to look for equipment capability of an operating range of 10 degrees to 95 degrees Celsius along with a vacuum pressure of down to less than 40 millibars. This typically creates a dried product with about 0.5 percent or less of moisture, an excellent result.

Choosing chemical drying services, you should ask about overall operational efficiency of the equipment too. You want a company that has equipment with quick drying times as well as the consumption of as little energy as possible. In addition, the vacuum process should quickly and efficiently remove any vapors during the drying process as well as recover any solvents which could then be used in other ways. Recycling of by-products, whatever they may be lowers operational costs and is more environmentally efficient.