More Trophies for Barcelona in the Next Few Years

barcelona.pngAgen Maxbet – Barcelona closed the year with a very proud achievement. That is because Barcelona is being the only team that can win the treble winner twice. After Barcelona won his first treble winner in 2006, 2015 was another year in which Barcelona could achieve the same. Barcelona begins the winning streak with ensuring victory in the domestic league, followed by victory in the Copa del Rey, which ended by winning the most prestigious trophies in Europe, UEFA Champions League.
The three trophies earned by Barcelona in this season cannot be separated from the ability of the Barcelona players, as well as the new coaches and president, Luis Enrique and also Josep Maria Bartomeu. Enrique who has just started taking care of Barcelona for the last two years was already able to prove that he can compete with some of the other top name coaches like Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola. On the other hand, the new president of Barcelona, Bartomeu, is the president who is not suspected the presence. That is because the transfer done by Barcelona last year is considered to have violated FIFA rules so that Barcelona gets sanctions from FIFA. This is what ultimately makes Sandro Rosell, as the president of Barcelona at that time, decided to resign from the presidency of Barcelona and Bartomeu eventually rising to the position.
Out of nowhere, the combination of the Barcelona players who have the above average ability, as well as the leadership of Enrique and Presidential seat occupied by Bartomeu proved to be a very nice combination. This was proved by Barcelona that ended the season with the treble winners.
Even so, Barcelona is one of a team that is always in the spotlight of the world, including about its future. That is because Barcelona did not make many changes to the squad to compete in the next season. That is because Barcelona had just left by one of the best players, Xavi Hernandez, who followed the retirement of Charles Puyol.
Many people believe that Barcelona should try to fill that gap with another player such as Paul Pogba. Even so, Barcelona prefers to bring Arda Turan to fill the empty gap.
Enrique’s decision received a lot of comments. Some say that Enrique did the right thing, while others say that the decisions taken by Enrique in the transfer market this time somewhat useless.
Fortunately, Xavi as one of the best players in Barcelona said that the decision taken by the Enrique is always the right decision, neither the decision taken in the field or off the field too. He always thinks about the team that he is taking care of currently. It is also said by the president of Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu. Bartomeu said that he believed completely in Enrique. In addition, Xavi and Bartomeu also said that Barcelona begins to rise and is ready to have the brighter seasons. They also assume that the achievements of Barcelona will be brighter in the next seasons so that Barcelona can get more trophies in the upcoming seasons.

The Transfer of Christian Benteke from Aston Villa to Liverpool Get the Deal of £32.5m

bentekeFootball is one of the most adored sports in the world. This makes there are so many things to do when it comes to the gossips of the football players. In this season, there are some transfers which can be determining the success of a particular football team. Transfer is somehow a thing which is good and actually important for the football players. It is obvious that the transfer of the football players should be a great moment for strengthening the team and get the flaws in the team to be covered. This makes the transfer of the football players is a hot topic for the audiences.
The hot, hot transfer gossip is actually about the transfer of Christian Benteke from Aston Villa to Liverpool. The deal met in the number of £32.5m for Aston Villa to let go of Christian Benteke to Liverpool. The two teams have been discussing and talked about the details of the transfer for Benteke. This 24 years old football player is hoped to get the medical test and assistance with Liverpool soon. But, the bad news is that because the deal is not done on time he could not join the pre-season tour of Liverpool.
Just like all the football teams in the world, Liverpool gets its pre-season tour around the world. This team is in the tour to South East Asia and Australia. Liverpool beat the Thai All-Stars in Bangkok and they also beat the Australia’s Brisbane Roar with the score of 2-1. They will soon get the game with Adelaide United and they will fly to Malaysia to get the game against Malaysia XI on Friday. This is such a bad thing that Benteke could not join the pre-season tour of Liverpool. But, this can also be a moment for Benteke to prepare himself in getting the next season begin.
Benteke has two years contract remaining with Aston Villa. He has scored 49 goals in his 101 performance in the game. This is quite a good achievement for a football player who has been joined the team from 2009. His goal achievement can also be a promising thing for Liverpool. However, it is also his achievement which makes Tim Sherwood cannot make it to let Benteke leave Aston Villa. But, the number of £32.5m got him to be powerless and cannot against the power of money and so he let Benteke to Liverpool.
In Liverpool, Benteke is the target for summer season, making him to be the one who should be prepared for the summer season. This can be a great thing for him to join this team. Recently Liverpool has bought six new players who will strengthen the team, including a right wing from England. The transfer and the deals for getting new players for Liverpool can be a bothering thing since it can actually get the expense of this team to be too much for the team, which is for about £80m for this summer season in the Premier League.

The New but Old President of Barcelona

Agen Maxbet – More recently, Barcelona has just completed the election of a new president. That is because the official term of Josep Maria Bartomeu that replaces the previous Barcelona president has ended. Some of the names are entered into as the potential presidential candidates of Barcelona’s president are Josep Maria Bartomeu Barcelona, Joan Laporta, Agusti Benedito, and Toni Freixa. There are two names who were reportedly powerful enough to be president of Barcelona for the period of 2015 and the next few years. The first name is Bartomeu, who is the president of Barcelona today. The second is Laporta, who had previously also occupied the position as president of Barcelona. While the last two names have been predicted did not have a chance to compete with the two names above. The right prediction happens, because the one who get a chance to become president of Barcelona in the period 2015 until a few years later is Bartomeu. Bartomeu who is currently occupying the position as president of Barcelona does not seem to be out of office. That is because Bartomeu won the presidential election of Barcelona with a significant vote by beating all other candidates, including Laporta. The winning of Bartomeu can be considered as one of the best because it can get up to 54% vote. On the other hand, Laporta only get a total vote of no more than 34%. The worse thing is experienced by two last competitors, Benedito and Freixa. That is because they just get the rest of the vote that is divided in two by the percentage as much as 7% and 3%. Many argue that Bartomeu has a great opportunity to continue his work to become the president of Barcelona because of the great season achieved by Barcelona in the 2014-2015. In this season, Barcelona earned treble winner or three titles at once. After grabbing the top spot in the domestic league, Barcelona also won the Copa Del Rey final match followed the victory in the final match of UEFA Champions League. This achievement is believed to be a main reason for Bartomeu to stay in the position as the president of Barcelona. As the one who won the election, Bartomeu said he would retain Luis Enrique as the coach of Barcelona. That is because Bartomeu consider that Enrique could still provide the best for Barcelona until the next few years. Even though, there are some people saying that Barcelona should make purchases of several other players, Bartomeu found Enrique decision is one of the things that have been carefully thought out by him. Therefore, Bartomeu will not talk about the transfer policy carried out by Enrique. Separately, Laporta said that the transfer policy of Enrique less precise. That is because Laporta considers that Barcelona should buy Paul Pogba from Juventus, which can later become one of the best players who could be another Xavi in the future. As an addition, Laporta also said if he is elected as the president of Barcelona, then he is assured that Pogba will land at Camp Nou.

Andy Murray the Incredible Fighter on Tennis

Tennis world is actually a good world for the ones who love the sports. It can be tough but it can also be very teasing and will always get the charm on it. Just like any other kinds of sports, tennis has its own stars. One of the stars in tennis is Andy Murray. Among all of the tennis players, he can be one of the most favorite. This is because he can get the achievement he gained now because of all of his works. This is not only about how he can gain the good physical appearance but also about how he can build his mentality to be stronger when he has to face the rivals.
The greatness of Andy Murray can be seen when he was in the match for going to the semi-final of Davis Cup. He won with three wins against France, which makes Great Britain to be one of the semi-finalists of Davis Cup. It is always good for a nation to get their athletes to be in the winning position. But, the thing which is done by Andy Murray is different. It is the combination between the skill and also the willingness to defeat not only the rival but also to defeat him. This fact is the reason why the captain Leon Smith called him as an incredible fighter.
It is very reasonable since Murray is actually strong. In his physical appearance, he is actually great and also skilled. He is not only strong in the physical aspect but also in his mentality. He builds his own way for being strong and invincible. He is not only gets himself to be stronger but also he can defeat his self. This can be a capital for every athlete for being a winner in the sport they have. It should also be important for every athlete to have the willingness of winning and the attitude which is not letting their selves to lose a match.
Andy Murray won over Gilles Simon, following wins over Jo-Wilfried Tsong then doubles with Jamie, which makes it stronger for Britain to get the 3-1 position and can be one of the Davis Cup semi-finalists. This is the great thing for Great Britain because this can be their semi-final and this nation can actually get the final and win the competition. He got his game to be full of fight. He is not only an athlete but also a fighter.
The fact is that he could fight and fight and fight the game to catch his victory. This is also great news for the Great Britain because with his victory he can bring the chance for having the fight for final after their last semi-final fight in 1981. This can be very good for the nation. The fight and the willingness for winning the fight make him to be a very good fighter. This can even be more important because he can get his victory by chasing for it and get the last of him for the game.

The New Striker of Manchester United this Season

manchester unitedFootball is the hot, hot sports in the world. There are so many people adore this sport and there are also so many supporters of the football clubs. It is important for each club to be prepared with all the chance and opportunities in the future. One of them is about the problem which is faced by Manchester United. Manchester United is one of the best football clubs in the world. It is not only about the good players but also good management. The loyal players are also available in the team, strengthen the team and make it to be more promising for the future season.
Manchester United is going to face the problem of deciding the striker for the team. In a football team, the striker takes a very important role for getting the goal and get eh score for the team. This is very important for a football team for having the best striker to get their games to be good and they can win. But, Manchester United is going to choose the best striker for the team, which will be quite tricky to find the best of them to match the team structure for the next season.
This football team is facing the problem because their former strikers are no longer in the team. Robin Van Persie has moved to other team and the contract for Radamel Falcao is over. Therefore, this team is actually facing a moment where they have to choose the best new striker for the team. The most chosen striker to be is Wayne Rooney who has been so long in the team. Van Gaal, the boss of Manchester United said that he listened to the media about the Rooney’s positioning in the striker position.
Last year, media issued that Wayne Rooney should be in the striker position because this position fits him. This can also be a good thing for the team because Rooney is in the fit condition. Besides of that, Manchester United also has Javier Hernandez and James Wilson who can be positioned in striker position. There might also be a surprise for this season, so that the team will be concentrated to the process for the players to gain the skill and can be a surprise for getting the striker position. The money which has been spent by the team can be a sign of this team having the best position in this season.
There are so many things which can be a chance in the team. The opportunity for having the striker position can make the team to be stronger. In this case, there is also Depay who can be the striker. Besides of that, the other players like Hernandez and Wilson are also available for being the one in the position because of their skills and also their achievements. Hernandez, for example, is just like the wing man of Rooney, who can build a good team work in the team and win a fight. Therefore, it should be good and easy for them to do.

The Safety Issue in F1 Racing

Racing is always a great thing which makes so many people get their heads on. This is one of the most adored sports which include skills and also the ability of getting the body reflect and also get the fast, full speed drive of a car. F1 is one of the most adored racing in the world. This is the racing which gets the formula1 cars, the special, sophisticated race cars which can be a great thing to watch. The racers are also good and skilled. The glamorous life, good things and good times, and also the spotlight of the media are the things which get the race to be more attractive.
All the glamorous things and the spotlights cannot pay the risk of the racing which should be done by the racers. All the risks and also the chance of having bad things in the race should be taken by the racers. One accident which is quite shocking for the F1 lovers is the accident which occurred towards the French racer, Jules Bianchi. This can be one of the shocking and also the most dangerous moments in F1 for this season. As there are so many people who are adore this racer, the sadness and also the mourning is even still in the air until now.
Some people understand about the racing and it can remind the people that the race is actually brutal and also dangerous, which makes the race not only to be an entertaining game but also something which should be safe and sound for the racers and also the audiences. There are also so many people who believe that the safety in the F1 should always be improved and they should never relent in improving and completing and perfecting the safety standards in the F1 racing which will also avoid the loss of any other racer in the future.
The commercial boss of F1, Bernie Ecclestone also expressed his sadness of losing the racer of F1, Jules Bianchi. The former team of Bianchi, Marussia, which is renamed as Manor, felt the deep, deep loss of their team mate in the racing arena. This can be a very sad and devastating moment for the team. They also get the anxiety and sadness towards the Bianchi’s family, who are known as the loving family and they also get the deep loss of one of their family members.
Bianchi never get the consciousness after he got the accident in the Suzuka circuit due to the wet track last October. He lost his control towards the car and he went off the track while there is actually the yellow-black line, the sign for the racers to get slower and should be prepared to stop the vehicle. The accident then made some changes and revisions of the safety standards in F1, which is actually important for keeping the racers to be safe in the racing arena. However, this accident also reminds the racers and also the audiences that racing is somehow not as safe at it could be seen on TV.

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